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The taste of seafood is one of the most popular delicacies in the world. The most under appreciated dish of seafood is the crayfish. Maybe it's due to the freshwater habitat or serving size of their midsection. When cooked properly, crayfish can be some of the most tasty seafood you will ever eat. There are a wide variety of ways to cook them but today I'm going to give you the easiest way while still maintaining flavor.

Obtain Live Crayfish Only

There are a billion and one places to buy crayfish but what I always advise people to do is buy "live" ones. This means the crayfish are actually moving around and fully alive. This means if you get your hands close, you may get pinched. This sometimes scares people but this is a complete must. I like to personally see where these crayfish come from and how they are held until the consumer pays for them. I need them to come straight from a water tank like live well.

Washing Them With Saltwater

Even though crayfish come from freshwater habitat, we are going to use salt to clean them. Salt is a great way to clean food and just by soaking food in salt can do some help killing of bacteria. Get two large pots or pans ready and fill them with water. Next, add a concentrated amount of salt to the water. It doesn't have to be a crazy concentration but still a descent amount. Reason for the two of them is to directly swap the crayfish from one to another.

Your going to drop all the crayfish you plan to eat into the salt water and gently rinse them around a tiny bit. Once you let them soak for around 5 minutes, switch them to other pot of saltwater. Some find that using a strainer to catch them as you pour the water helps. Continue changing them into buckets of saltwater until you can physically see the water isn't dirty as you pour it out. You will be able to tell how dirty the crayfish were by looking at the water clarity they are in while rinsing.

Ready for the Boil Session

Our crayfish are clean and ready to be cooked. A basic boil is going to be our method of cooking. Get a large pot ready to boil the crayfish in. I find it easiest to do this outside with a propane burner and large pot. Before putting the crayfish in the cooking water, you need to make sure all of them are still alive.

Dead crayfish tend to have "mushy" meat and as soon as the crustacean dies, the meat tends to change to a fishy like mush. This is why cooking live crayfish is mandatory for great tasting crayfish meat. If there are any dead crayfish whatsoever they need to be thrown out now.

Removing the Edible Meat

Taking apart crayfish is somewhat of an art but once you have it figured out its very simple. Grab the cooked crayfish by the midsection and find that middle spot where the torso meats the upper body. This is where your going to twist each side a different direction and rip them apart from each other.

This rear section of the tail that you ripped off of the midsection is what is edible meat. There is just one stringy like piece that goes directly down the center of the tail. Some eat this string like membrane but most prefer to remove it so they are eating nothing but beautiful meat. To remove that piece, just peel back the section of the tail that is directly in the center of the flat tail.

Finally, all the meat is surrounded by a thin layer of crust that should be removed. It peels back very easily and all of that thick tale meat is juicy edible meat. Dip it in butter or eat it with a drop of lemon. Enjoy your tasty seafood that you directly cooked yourself.

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Author Megan Vollmer really tends to care about how things are cooked and to the precise dot of everything. Seafood and fish are some of the best cooked meals in the world. Precisin must be obtained for the best taste.

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