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Camping is a grand adventure, except for the ever-present question of what to eat out there in the woods. Of course you are going to want to bring your own supplies but are you sick of the same old camping food? Do most of your camping meals come out of a can? If you’re tired of the old standbys, burgers and hot dogs, consider trying a few new ideas for camping cuisine. With a little advance prep, you can definitely jazz up the food on your next camping trip.

What You Need

You pretty much have to grill everything you cook on a camping trip, or, if you’re really roughing it, cook it over an open fire. That limits your choices somewhat, but you can still do lots of things to liven up camping food. All you need are skewers, aluminum foil, a heavy frying pan and a cast iron Dutch oven with a lid.

Dinner on a Stick

If you can cook hot dogs on a stick, why not try fajitas on a stick? Pre-skewer marinated beef or chicken, onions and green peppers, and roast on the grill or over the flames. Bring tortillas, guacamole and salsa, and you’re set. You can also do kabobs or sausage and peppers the same way. Use your Dutch oven to cook side dishes like couscous or other quick-cooking grains. Or wrap baking potatoes in foil and place them in the ashes to roast.

Use Your Dutch Oven

With the Dutch oven, you can make excellent stews, chilis, roasts and even grilled pizzas. For fun camping desserts, try making peach cobbler or berry cakes. Bring pre-made biscuit dough or cake batter and fresh fruit, and mix and bake them right in the Dutch oven.

Cooking in Foil

Foil packet cooking offers many other options. You can cook salmon or other fish with some lemon, butter, dill, asparagus and white wine, and you’ve got a whole delicious meal in one convenient package. Banana s’mores, another fun use for foil, make a great twist on the classic. Just peel and split bananas lengthwise, fill with chocolate chips and mini-marshmallows, wrap in foil and place on the grill or fire for about five minutes. Carefully remove the bananas from the fire, unwrap, sprinkle with broken-up graham crackers and enjoy.

Easy Camping Breakfasts

For breakfast, you can bring pre-mixed omelets in plastic bags and pour them into a hot cast iron pan over the fire. For a side dish, fry potatoes with bacon grease and pre-chopped onions. You can bring pre-mixed pancake batter and make pancakes with fresh berries you pick on the trail, or you can use the Dutch oven to cook oatmeal with your choice of toppings.

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