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The United States of America has a number of fantastic restaurants from which to eat that highlights style, culture and local cuisine. The Midwest is known for having delicious dishes that bring locals and people from other states together. To this end, here are six top cities that are known for having delicious foods and amazing restaurants.

With the size and growth of Houston, Texas, it has a wide variety of restaurants from which people can choose what they truly want. The Brennan’s of Houston Restaurant is the perfect place to have a truly fine dining experience. This dining establishment is strongly recommended to make a reservation and to dress at least to the standard of business casual. The reservation and attire are worth it as patrons receive a huge selection of local Creole and Cajun cuisine with a great wine selection. More delicious information on these restaurant is at

People who are looking for a truly authentic and growing restaurant chain that began in Austin, Texas, and is headquartered there is Hopdaddy. This burger bar has food that is all-natural starting with beef that was raised in Texas and other meats coming from various parts of the state. Sodas, vegetables and draught beer are authentic and quite tasty. It is not surprise that there is usually a line waiting to get in. Further information is found here

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is known for having huge cows, burly cowboys and excellent beef. A restaurant that fits the bill is Cattlemen’s Steakhouse, which has been in Oklahoma City’s stockyards for over 100 years. This steakhouse has great steaks that are known from around the area. Further information is at A restaurant that is great on taste and is quite compact is Nic’s Grill. This restaurant is only open on weekdays, has a lot of customers and is small on space. However, the burgers are truly amazing and unforgettable.

Although Minnesota is known for Scandinavians, there is a large German community in Minneapolis and the Black Forest Inn has a terrific selection of wonderful German food for people of all ages to enjoy. Meals are handmade and feature foods like spaetzel and wiener schnitzel. German beers and other lagers are available as well. Information for the Black Forest Inn is at

The city of St. Louis, Missouri, is known for many things and one of them is the delicious smokehouse cooking that features ribs, pork and more. Bogarts Smokehouse is the place to go and enjoy the St. Louis experience with amazing flavors and tasty food. Be sure to try a full rack of ribs. It is finger-licking good. Information is at

Although Lincoln, Nebraska is in the Midwest, it is often overlooked by many. However, it has a wide variety of food and eateries and one place that encompasses this is The Green Gateau. This French restaurant has terrific outdoor seating in the summer and uses local meats and vegetables to create wonderful dishes and serves brunch, lunch and dinner. Be sure to try the Macaroni and Cheese. The menu is:

These places and restaurants are just the tip of the iceberg in what is available. However, each one is worth visiting. These restaurants give people a tremendous experience and taste.

Darryl Allen is an Oklahoma native who has worked as an executive chefs for some of the largest restaurants and hotels in the area. If your looking for good places to eat in Oklahoma, Darryl recommends checking out this resource.

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