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Coffee is a morning pick me up for many people who rely on not only its caffeine, but its flavour and aroma to wake up their senses first thing in the morning. Unlike the US the UK has yet to have a drive through coffee shop in each town but that can't stop coffee lovers from experiencing a big company taste from the comfort of their own home.

Commercial coffee machines are becoming more common in the home with a huge range of roasts and flavours available for the discerning customer, what's to stop you from whipping up your own deliciously flavoured cappuccino in your kitchen. They are also to be found in pretty much any office building the world over, with that in mind here are my top five flavoured syrups, some familiar, some not and all of them readily available on the internet should they take your fancy.


There's just something about the aroma of coffee and vanilla blended together that manages to not only comfort you but make you anticipate the drink itself. The fact that you can also get it as organic, French, no sugar or blue agave just adds to the idea that Vanilla is a staple, a syrup every coffee lover should have a little bottle of just in case they need a little pick me up at some point in the week.


I couldn't have a top 5 without at least one nut flavoured syrup in here and as much as I love almond, hazelnut will always be my go to flavour – this could be because it reminds me of a certain chocolate spread, but I know that it definitely compliments the flavour of coffee. Hazelnut is just one of those fragrances, when mixed with coffee, which makes me do a little “mmhh” in anticipation.


For those of you that have a sweet tooth, caramel is going to be a delicious addition to your morning coffee, or afternoon coffee... or your relaxing evening coffee. I think if I could I'd add a little caramel syrup to all my coffees, but I have to admit I find it best in an iced Frappuccino.


I know you might think that this one is a little too... seasonal, but I honestly couldn't leave it out. Not only does gingerbread have that wonderfully warm, spicy smell, it also helps to partly satisfy my craving for baked goods. Okay, I give in, it's also wonderful to smell coffee and gingerbread at Christmas time too.


This is my wild card, it's not a flavour you'll see around too often but it's delicious in its own way, especially when you combine it with other syrups! It's a little bit of luxury, and probably a fair bit of nostalgia for anyone who had marshmallows in hot chocolate growing up. My advice would be to get a small bottle and keep it in your desk drawer so you can add it to your coffee to help chase away those Monday morning blues.

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Vari is a connoisseur of all things sweet, especially when it comes to doctoring anything from a commercial coffee machine, or adding a dab of syrup to her favourite beverage.

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