Thursday, February 14, 2013

It's Valentine's Day! I was really looking forward on this date because it's a really special day for lovers. I was twisting my mind of something unique Valentine's Day gift for my special someone. After some thorough research in DIY sites and review sites for restaurants, finally I come up with something. How about you? Do you already have something for your sweetheart?

Even if you don't have someone special in your life right now, try not to be bitter and enjoy yourself. I remember a post by Timmy Potenciano over, "Regardless of whether or not you're single on Valentine's Day, always do what makes you happy" and if you're single or just alone on Vday, do something to make you feel happy."

I just also watched a video of Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago when she visited UP (one of the best universities in the Philippines). She is one of the most intelligent and fierce senators in the PH and she’s also popular because of her pick-up lines. Some of the examples are:

"Ang taong nagmamahal ng tunay ay parang matalinong estudyante na kumukuha ng exam—hindi siya tumitingin sa iba kahit nahihirapan na."

"An earthworm has five hearts and an octopus has two hearts. Ngayon, kapag may kilala kang nagmamahal ng dalawa o higit pang tao, tanungin mo kung anong klaseng hayop siya."

"Kapag ikaw ay magmahal pero sasaktan mo rin naman, dapat maghamon ka na lang ng suntukan."

"Malapit na ang Valentine's Day. Buti pa ang kalendaryo, may date. Kayo ba mayroon?"

"Para sa mga malungkot na single, ang tawag dito (Valentine's Day) ay Singles' Awareness Day. Para sa mga masasayang single, ang tawag dito ay Singles' Independence Day. Pero sa mga walang pakialam, ang tawag dito ay Thursday."

Payo naman ni Santiago sa mga walang ka-date ngayong Valentine's Day: "Para sa mga single, umuwi ng maaga mula sa school o trabaho para isipin nilang may date ka." 

Ok, let's go back to business. Here are some Valentine's Day Ideas for your love ones:
  1. Guys make sure that you prepare something for your girl because even though she's not saying anything or saying the opposite thing, she might still be expecting for a surprise from you. So better put up something unique and not all too traditional. People like personalized stuff made for them. It's much more memorable than stuff bought.

  2. Flowers, restaurants, chocolates etc. will definitely hit all time high on sales today. Most of the people are buying stuffs to make the perfect gift for their love one. But you can always personalized things. You can do collage all the pictures you two have taken and put them into a photo album and create some captions or talking/thinking bubble.

  3. Compile different songs that you want her to hear (of course, those songs that will make them feel how much you love them.) Make the cover of the CD yourself or put some pictures in it (use cut outs from magazine, newspaper or have a picture of you on the cover.)

  4. Prepare him/her a breakfast or a dinner (depends on when you want to spend it.) Make the menu a healthy one to make them think that you really think about them. Sweet right? I have some recipes that you can check out here.

  5. I know most of you guys wouldn't be as excited to know what I've done for my special someone because I’m not that popular. :P But anyways I’ll still share it with you since it was a real hit and a lot of people was touched with what I've done. I made a "52 Reasons Why I Love You" (more examples here, here and here). I got the idea when I stumbled across Little Gray Fox blog by Tsuki although hers was called "52 Reasons Why I Like You".

So have fun this day of the hearts and smile a lot! Saranghae!

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