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Recent surveys have shown Seattle drinkers are high ranked in the US when it comes to drinking coffee. Of course this depends on the survey one’s takes into consideration. Seattle is second best only to Tampa according to one of these surveys. One other one- off the bunch of surveys places Seattle just next to Chicago and New York not to mention The Daily Beast which places the Seattle on top of all other places in the US.

Coffee Consumption Across the Globe

However, taking a peek into the general consumption across the globe, Scandinavian countries seem to be well ahead of its peers. Finland for example consumes about three times the amount of coffee consumed in the US. Furthermore, countries like Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Sweden have been noted to consume double the amount consumed by Americans. The US also lags behind Countries like Spain Greece, Italy, France, Greece and even Canada. In terms of rankings, the US is ranked 26th globally in terms of coffee consumption. With that in mind, it looks like Seattle coffee drinkers still have to step up their game!

Ironically though, some of the top ranked coffee producing countries like Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Mexico, Ethiopia, and India are not among the top ranked in the realm of coffee consumption. Only Brazil- which is ranked at 13th appeared in the top 50 of the top coffee producers. The statistic is quite shameful since it expected that coffee producers have a taste of their own commodity to ensure improvements of future products.

Tastes, Preferences and Coffee Culture

It is known that coffee consumers have variable taste and preferences when it comes to coffee drinks. Italians tend to favor espresso unlike the Turks who like thick coffee. Seattle coffee drinkers are big fans of the French coffee -coffee with hot milk. Cubans on the other hand prefer coffee that is normally thick and sweetened; it is referred to as Café Cubano. The Irish have a rather different technique of consuming coffee in that they mix coffee with whiskey, sugar and ice cream and then drink it after dinner. Last but not least, there are some other countries that take coffee with different type of milk like coconut milk, evaporated milk and dairy milk to make iced coffee. Examples include Thailand and Vietnam.

The cultures behind coffee drinking also differ across the globe. In Seattle, people drink coffee as they hurry to work while others like the Swedes slow down to take coffee in their coffee breaks-termed Fika, with friends, family and colleagues. Most Swedes take coffee with baked goods like Cinnamon bun.

In Ethiopia there is an integral coffee ceremony that is characterized by a combination roasting and brewing of coffee that is usually taken with salt or butter instead of sugar. The event can even for up-to two hours.


All said and done it can be seen that there is lots of ways of taking coffee. Perhaps as you take coffee in your favorite spot in Seattle, you could experiment on the coffee drinks. That would surely be fun!

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This article was written by Mary Harmon, who loves Seattle coffee houses, coffee culture around the world, and telling people about her love for coffee.

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