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The majority of us go to restaurants for the quality of the food, maybe for a romantic evening or just to sample the atmosphere and enjoy a little sip of wine. If the establishment does not meet expectations then we may whine a little more. How about you turn up to a restaurant to find its not what you imagined it too be? Themed establishments are becoming more popular as they provide something a little different to the norm. How would your partner feel if they were to dine in one of the weird establishments listed.

Is Vertigo on the Menu?

You’re sure to have a thrilling evening sampling what the tantalizing menu covers sitting at a table hoisted 50 meters into the sky? This restaurant has been developed for events or VIP occasions. It seats 22 people and can turn around 350 diners in a single evening and is often booked for weddings, events or for personal parties.  If vertigo is on your menu then this place covers your all of your needs.

This Restaurant is Toilet

01/24/10 Shihlin
Literally this place is toilet! A restaurant named Marton in Taiwan has a bathroom based theme with toilet seats to sit on and enjoy your meal with the tables consisting of bath tubs covered with glass. It is claimed that the prices are low and food as good as most other establishments, one thing is for sure the loo is never too far away!


How about being served by Dancing Robots?

The initial impression is that the Hajime robot restaurant is no different to a typical Japanese restaurant with cubicles located within the Monopoly Park plaza in Bangkok. When the restaurant speakers burst into tune the metal mickeys maraud about delivering food and drinks, once served they go on to perform some pretty impressive moves to some classic songs.

ITHAA underwater restaurant in the Maldives

With only 12 seats its surprising this venue has made it into this post, it’s the setting that makes it amongst the most unique. The restaurant can be found 16 feet below the Indian Ocean and is encased in an acrylic dome. Here you are the goldfish in the bowl watching a world of exotic sea creatures that may include various species of Ray, the occasional shark and many other beautiful marine creatures; it is the world’s first awe inspiring sub surface restaurant that is sure to set the heart on fire.

Military Themed Restaurant the Buns and Guns in Beirut

In the Buns and Guns Restaurant everything from the d├ęcor to the menu has a theme based upon Lebanon in 2006 (during the war with Israel). Music consists of military vehicle and helicopter recordings, nothing like a bit of white noise during a romantic evening out. They boast an unusual menu that may not cover everyones taste with the vegetarian option being named the Terrorist; other choices include the mortar burger, and the M16 Rifle. To attract the attention of the hungry traveller the sign above the door states ‘sandwiches will kill you’. If you are looking for a killer restaurant then this one maybe right up your street, some mean cuisine!

Ron writes articles for the menu holder shop who manufacture menu covers and holders for the restaurant industry. He has travelled the world sampling many different foods in some of the strangest themed restaurants, whilst on travels he has tasted the most poisonous of all fish the puffer fish and has eaten from toilet seat restaurants and worst of all tested several countries army issue rations.

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Ed Ralph
Mega Hammond



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