Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Latte Artist in Osaka, Japan puts on your daily dose of art into your cup. Kazuki Yamamoto takes latte art into the next level. Common latte arts include leaves or hearts but this guy can draw famous celebrities, video game characters, Pokemons and other animes.

Latte art started out in the 80's and 90's and was popularized by David Schomer, owner of Espresso Vivace in Seattle. He credits Jack Kelly of Uptown espresso for the development of microfoam that lead him established the signature of Schomer's Espresso Vivace, a Rosette pattern.

Latte art has its own technique and style so that you can achieve that perfect image you want to create in the latte. Technique requires to make espresso first with crema and microfoam when combined, it with make latte art. Styles have two types: Free Pouring and Etching.




Accidently I found out that there is another Kazuki Yamamoto whose name keeps on popping up in my Google search when searching for the barista's images. Manga creator, Kazuki Yamamoto, is known for his creation God Hand Teru which is I assume became really famous in Japan. I’m not sure if the barista and the manga creator is somehow related or just one.

Like any other Baristas, he dreams of having his very own cafe shop in Tokyo, Japan. You can catch him in coffee events around the city and even in nearby Kobe. I'm looking forward to making some of these lattes in the future ventures of this blog.

Check him out his new creations on his Twitter account at @george_10g

Image credits by @george_10g



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