Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New Yorkers said their good bye to upsize drinks, Venti, and large slurpees last September 2012 as New York’s Michael "That Nanny" Bloomberg passed the soda ban and was approved by the Board of Health. Mayor Bloomberg passed the law hoping to reduce one of the health problems in America today, Obesity. The soda industry tries to hold their grounds as the fear of having it also approve in other states are already in process.

How It (Soda Ban) All Started

"New York City is not about wringing your hands; it’s about doing something," he continued. "I think that’s what the public wants the mayor to do."
Mayor Michael Bloomberg said, "This is the biggest step a city has taken to curb obesity, The Board of Health's passing this proposal means that New Yorkers will soon consume fewer junk calories and eventually begin turning the tide of the obesity epidemic that is destroying the health of far too many of our citizens."

The N.Y. Health Board approved the amendment to the city’s health code to bar fast food chains, restaurants and others from selling drinks larger than 16 oz. in their monthly meeting. Nine (9) members voted for it, and only one (1) abstained.

In an interview with The New York Times, Mayor Bloomberg said, "Obesity is a nationwide problem, and all over the United States, public health officials are wringing their hands saying, 'Oh, this is terrible,'"

Is New York City Being Sued by Soda Companies?

Soda manufacturers and other companies sued N.Y. to block their unprecedented amendment to restrict supersized sale of sugary drinks. "For the first time, they're telling New Yorkers how much of certain safe and lawful beverages they can drink," Spokeswoman for the business groups Caroline Starke said. These groups include the National Restaurant Association and American Beverage Association.

The N.Y. also won lawsuits over outlawing smoking in bars and offices and forcing fast-food restaurants to list calorie counts on their menus. Spokesperson Marc LaVorgna said, "This predictable, yet baseless, lawsuit fortunately will help put an even greater spotlight on the obesity epidemic."

Consumers Choosing Healthier Beverages than Sodas

The re-election of President Obama certainly didn't help the soda giants and big players of the industry like Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and Dr Pepper. These companies worry that this soda ban will spread to the rest of the states and eventually affect the profitability of their products.

Although even before this ban was even proposed, US consumers already have been considering other healthy options in beverage. Addition to that, the sale of soda in US alone was already in an eight (8) year steady decline. This could mean that soda drinkers already have considered changing their drinking habits and going for a healthier beverage.

The Spread of Soda Ban

Will D.C. follow what New York? It hasn't been proposed YET but it was brought up in the Saturday's At-Large debate according to DCist.com. Other D.C. officials’ statements about the ban:

"I think there probably are some good health reasons to support something like that," Mayor Vincent Gray said. "We'll be happy to look at it; we haven't taken a position on that one way or another."

"The issue of nutrition is of critical importance to public health. We need to look at different strategies so people understand what the effect is of the large volume of soft drinks they're drinking," Council Chairman Phil Mendelson said.

"I am open to anything that will help young people be healthier," Council Member Tommy Wells said.

Bogusky Anti-Softdrinks Film “The Real Bears”

Coca-Cola has used Polar Bears in a lot of their ads before. The film made by Alex Bogusky for the Center for Science in the Public Interest or the CSPI features Polar Bears experience after drinking soda drinks and it’s risk to our health.

"You know the American diet has gone the wrong way when it's considered normal to drink massive amounts of liquid candy. This is a cultural wake-up call." Bogusky told USA Today.

Will The Soda Ban Help Reduced Obesity?

This may reduced the consumption of US consumers. It reduced the options of consumers to buy upsized drinks. But it still falls under the consumer’s decision if they want another cup. So basically it just makes a little percentage in the reduction.

Being healthy and fit doesn’t really require eating healthier options, buying expensive exercise equipments, enroll to a class like Yoga, Pilates and etc, or taking pills or slimming products. The common denominator in all of that is to have “Discipline.” Whereas all of the instructors and experts will teach you to be disciplined and take full responsibility in what you eat.

A lot of people spend thousands and thousands of dollars to stay fit and healthy. There are a lot of options we can choose from but without “discipline” I don’t think you’ll be able to get the end result you wanted.

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