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A fanciful gift box cake makes a great birthday or Mother’s day cake. The best part about this cake design by Susan Forest of is the majority of the decorations are pre-printed edible designs, printed from a printer equipped with edible ink. Any decorative design can be printed on the icing sheet, giving you the ability to easily change the theme or the color scheme just by selecting a different design from your computer. Here are the basics to replicate this design with any size cake and any print.

  1. Torte, fill, frost and cover in fondant two 3” high square cakes. You can choose any size, but the top layer should be at least 2” smaller than the bottom tier. Place the larger tier on a cake board. The smaller tier should be placed on a cardboard round the same size as the cake. Insert 4 dowels into the bottom layer, cutting the dowel rods to be flush with the top of the cake.
  2. Use the bottom of each cake pan to trace a square of fondant the same size as the cake pan. Set these squares aside to dry overnight.
  3. Cut 4 1” deep strips of fondant the length of the bottom layer and 4 for the top layer. Let these dry overnight.
  4. Using the edible paper with your choice of print, cut out strips to fit the sides of the cake. Moisten these strips using a small amount of piping gel. Adhere to the sides of the cake. Repeat this all around the sides of both tiers.
  5. The following day, attach the dried fondant tops to the cake with a bit of piping gel. Attach the strips which were cut to fit the sides, butting them up against the top panel and being careful to line them up with one another at the corners of the cake.
  6. Place the top tier on top of the bottom tier, so the corners of the top tier point towards the middle of the sides of the bottom cake (as shown).
  7. Add a loopy gum paste bow on top of the cake. (You can choose to put any type of decoration on the top you choose).
While this cake may require some patience for the beginner, most of the design work relies on the edible ink printer and not on the creativity of the cake decorator. Careful measuring, cutting and application of the fondant will make the cake neat looking, which is truly the key to making it look professional. These designer prints give even those who are not artistic the ability to create an edible masterpiece.

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