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Wine lovers should be happy about the selection of wines that are available in 2013. There are some great wines that have been getting a lot of buzz from the media. Many of these select wines have blends that are incredibly appealing to the taste buds. Others may have been aging and 2013 is the year that these wines are ready. People that have a wine cellar may have been keeping their eyes on a few of the following.

Finger Lakes

The wines made by Fingers Lake will be served at the Obama inaugural luncheon. This brand may not have been on everyone's radar, but it most definitely is now. The wine that is provided for the luncheon is in rare form. It is said to be sold mostly at the wineries, but this event alone will generate the desire for consumers to buy it. This Tierce wine has already received some great reviews and put Fingers Lake in a larger spotlight for more consumers.

Karamoor Wines

There is also a lot of talk about Karamoor wines. This is not sold worldwide. At the present time it is only available for sale in Pennsylvania State Stores. Most of the wines are under $30. The Cabernet and Merlot are the most popular from this wine making company.

Chilean Wines

On a large scale there are wines from Chile that have captivated consumers for decades. These wines are favored again in 2013 by people that love flavorful collections of Chile red wines. Consumers can rest assured that they will have access to more strong and delectable Chilean Wines for their wine cellar collections.

White or Red Wines

There is always a debate about whether one should buy a white or red wine. It is also hard to decide if the best wine defined by the price. All of these elements play a factor, but most people don't have expensive wine money to spend on aged wines. Some people may be able to buy wine and let it age. Others depend on restaurants to do this type of work.

Some bars in Chicago and New York, for example, may have wine cellar selections of more than 1,000 labels. Most of these aged wines can reach anywhere from 2,000 to 12,000 dollars. This is fine for those that can afford. The average consumer will not have this type of money. This is why more consumers simply look to what is popular.

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